Like every other aspect of our lives, the people of Pride of the South, and our activities, have been profoundly affected by the current times.

All our events have been cancelled for the time being, and we are exploring ways to adjust, and support each other as a community in new ways.

Pride of the South is an unfunded organisation with a small volunteer committee and very limited material resources.

Within those constraints, we would welcome feedback and reflection from our community about possible ways to continue some of what we do, but understanding that we can not do it alone, that we will need collaborations and sharing of emotional labour.

Our community will come out of this.

We will be transformed, and will discover new ways of helping each other during tough times.

If you need support, please seek it out.

We will miss you all and can’t wait to catch up with all of you at our events in the future!


Pride of the South is a volunteer-based social, support and networking group which caters for the LGBTIQ communities in Adelaide’s outer Southern suburbs.

Click here to find out more about us, including our history, vision and mission statement, and code of conduct.

Pride of the South hosts three monthly events: ‘Rainbow Community Pool Night’, ‘Southern Queer Friendly Gamers’ and ‘Coffee Pots’.

We are also planning a number of special events over the next few months, including a series of information sessions to be held at various locations throughout the South and our annual Southern Pride March and Family Fun Day in November.

Click here to see full details of our upcoming events and activities.